With PG5, the PCS1 userprogram don't works correctly

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If you build and download a project with PG5 or PG 5 2.1.100 to a PCS1, then there will be a strange behaviour of the program execution like:
- Overide FBoxes don’t seem to work correctly

- It’s possible that you have Index Register Overflow message in the PCD history

There is an bug in PG5 which lead to the situation that the PCD code can’t be executed correctly.

- Use PG5 2.1.200 or higher.
- If 
PG5 is used:
  Download and unzip the attached file and replace the two existing files
  (SaiaConf52.dll, Sasm52.dll) in the Installation folder of PG5 with these files. 




PG5 2.1

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