Is the "Modbus 1" FBox library from Engiby available for PG5 2.0, PG5 2.1 or PG5 2.2?

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The FBox library 'Modbus 1' from Engiby is obsolete and is replaced by 'Modbus 2.'

Therefore, only Modbus 2 licences can be ordered for PG5 2.0, PG5 2.1 or PG5 2.2.

For information regarding the differences between the 'Modbus 1' and the 'Modbus 2' library please refer to the this comparison page from Engiby (see link below).

Do I need to adapt my Fupla program in case it contains "Modbus 1" FBoxes?
No, to be able to keep old projects unchaged, a 'Modbus 1' library, version 1.85 (compatible to V 1.4, V2.0,  V2.1 and V2.2) is available from Engiby and use the same license key as "Modbus 2".
In other words, once Modbus 2 is installed, Modbus 1.82/1.83/1.84/1.85 can also be used without a new key.

  • 'Modbus 1' library, version 1.82 is usable only on PG5 2.0
  • 'Modbus 1' library, version 1.83 is usable on PG5 2.0 and PG5 2.1 (except PG5 2.1.300 and later)
  • 'Modbus 1' library, version 1.84 is usable on PG5 2.1 and PG5 2.1 including PG5 2.1.300 and later
  • 'Modbus 1' library, version 1.85 is usable on PG5 1.4, PG5 2.0, PG5 2.1 and PG5 2.2

The 'Modbus 1' library version 1.84 can be downloaded from the Engiby homepage using the following link:


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