• PCD7.L2xx

  • S-Bus remote I/O's, couplers


System Catalogue : Cabinet Components

Extract 26-215_A0500 System Catalogue : Cabinet Components

System Catalogue
Cabinet components

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PCD7.T161 & PCD7.T162 - Terminator-Box

Datasheet PP26-538 PCD7.T161 & PCD7.T162 - Terminator-Box



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DDC-PLUS-RIO Field-bus modules

Manual 26-764 DDC-PLUS-RIO Field-bus modules



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These leaflets are more up to date than the manual and TI, please first refer to the leaflet.

Leaflet PCD7.L200

Tutorial 26-008 Leaflet PCD7.L200

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Leaflet PCD7.L201

Tutorial 26-009 Leaflet PCD7.L201

This Product is outphased

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Leaflet PCD7.L210

Tutorial 26-022 Leaflet PCD7.L210

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Leaflet PCD7.L250

Tutorial 26-040 Leaflet PCD7.L250

This product is outphased.

It may be replaced with PCD7.L252.

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Leaflet PCD7.L252

Tutorial 26-041 Leaflet PCD7.L252

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Leaflet PCD7.L260

Tutorial 26-042 Leaflet PCD7.L260

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Decentralized I/O's for S-Bus

Technical Info PP26-339 Decentralized I/O's for S-Bus

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Couplers with manual forcing

Extract PP26-215_A0570 Couplers with manual forcing

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Good to know

The PCD7.L250 was replaced by the PCD7.L252 (with identical features but up to 8 A current) by the end of 2011. Repair service of the PCD7.L250 is quaranteed until end of 2013.

PCD7 / Lxxx

  • It’s possible to connect a PT1000 temperature sensor to a PCD7.L60x room controller? (FAQ #101955)
  • It’s possible to force the fan speed of the room controller PCD7.L60x-1 from the application program? (FAQ #101927)
  • It’s possible to set the triac output Y1/Y2 of the PCD7.L60x-1 Room controller as 2 point output? (FAQ #101926)
  • What is the accuracy of the temperature sensor which is integrated in the PCD7.L64x? (FAQ #101889)
  • PCD7.L60x / PCD7.60x-1 Room controller; cooling or heating outputs Y1..Y4 are set to 0 if the fan is switched off. (FAQ #101861)
  • Why on the PCD7.L644 display the set point correction shows 0.5°K steps even as 0.4°K steps has been configured? (FAQ #101838)
  • Which inputs values needs the FBox 'Man AO' (L60x-1 Man AO) to control the Y3/Y4/PWMs outputs on a PCD7.L60x-1 controller? (FAQ #101837)
  • Communication on serial S-Bus fails while the AutoConfig Output of the Setup FBox stays '1'! (FAQ #101812)
  • PCD7.L6xx / PCD7.L79xN when working as Master/Slave with the application "2-pipe,CO" the change-over value of the Slave Room-Fbox is not transferred to the L6xx / L79xN . So the cooling output is not working. (FAQ #101791)
  • Warum wird im Master/Slave Betrieben von PCD7.L6xx Raumreglern in der Applikation "2-Rohr Change-over" der change-over Wert der Slave Room-Fbox nicht auf den Regler geschrieben, so dass der Slave den Kühlausgang nicht ansteuern kann? (FAQ #101790)
  • Hardware compatibility restrictions to respect when using PCD7.L645 with PCD7.L60x and L61x (FAQ #101740)
  • On my PCD7.L645W/B, why are only groups 3 and 4 controlled when I selected all the 4 groups? (FAQ #101739)
  • Why is the operation mode (OccMode) changing on a power down or configuration download to "1" (Reduced)? (FAQ #101683)
  • How to use the "Dew point" on L60x and L79x room controllers? (FAQ #101657)
  • How to link a remote control PCD7.L662 to the wireless receiver PCD7.L666? (FAQ #101635)
  • Points to be considered when using the Room controllers L60x in "Stand alone Mode" (FAQ #101514)
  • Why does the PCD7.L60x Room controller not work correctly in "Master/Slave" mode? (FAQ #101506)
  • Why is the PCD7.L60x occupancy output switching from 1 to 0 when changing a setpoint value? (FAQ #101455)
  • Can the PCD7.L12x rotate that lamellas back after the sun blinds moved down? (FAQ #101415)
  • Can I use a Ni 1000 L&S sensor in the Device Configurator or with a PCD7.L310? (FAQ #101330)
  • Which firmware version does my PCD7.L60x have? (FAQ #101298)
  • Why is the output K 1/2 switched off in intervalls even if the commanded output signal is 100%? (FAQ #101265)
  • Why can't I control the PCD7.L60x "Fan Speed" output in RIO mode? (FAQ #101264)
  • Wrong AC supply wiring can destroy PCD7.L79x (FAQ #101241)
  • PCD7.L611 LON support cooling with 0..10V output (FAQ #101233)
  • New connecting terminal on the PCD7.L600, L601 and L603 room controller units (FAQ #101228)
  • Wrong AC supply wiring can destroy PCD7.L602/3 (FAQ #101225)
  • Can I control a Belimo 6-way valve with a PCD7.L6xx? (FAQ #101182)
  • How many PCD7.L7xx room controllers can be connected to one PCD? (FAQ #101031)
  • There is an error in the help of the PCD7_L60x FBox (FAQ #100984)
  • Where from can I get connectors for PCD7.L62x light and sunblind extension modules? (FAQ #100967)
  • Why are the internal symbols of the FBoxes for PCD7.L60x not created automatically? (FAQ #100960)
  • Why is the heating output not high, even if the lower limit has been reached? The FBox status shows "Frost protection". (FAQ #100959)
  • How can I read the production date of the PCD7.L1xx, L2xx, L3xx, L4xx, L5xx modules? (FAQ #100917)
  • Problems when reading Input 5 to 8 of the PCD7.L100/L200 (FAQ #100887)
  • How can I modify the function presence of a standalone PCD7.L60x modules? (FAQ #100883)
  • How long does it take for a PCD7.L1xx or a PCD7.L3xx module to respond to an S-Bus telegram? (FAQ #100869)
  • Where from to get FBoxes for the obsolete "RAG-Einzelraumregelung" (FAQ #100820)
  • Why do the outputs on the PCD7.L120 RIO module not work? (FAQ #100722)
  • Communication errors PCD7.L400 (FAQ #100667)
  • Why do I have communication problems with the PCD7.L1xx, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx when using the "S-BUS Station" F-Box? (FAQ #100496)
  • How can I get informations (Baud rate, Status...) from the DDC Rail and Save modules? (FAQ #100430)
  • Roomcontroler PCD7.L72x (FAQ #100279)
  • PCD7.L723 (FAQ #100230)
  • PCD7.Lx00 doesn't respond anymore! (FAQ #100208)
  • EMC compatibility (FAQ #100161)
  • Bad communication on PCD7.Lxxx! (FAQ #100154)

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