It’s possible to set the triac output Y1/Y2 of the PCD7.L60x-1 Room controller as 2 point output?

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Yes it’s possible to use the Y1/Y2 triac output as 2 point outputs (always off / always on) instead as PWM outputs.


To use the outputs Y1/Y2 as 2 point outputs it’s necessary to define the configuration of the output Y1/Y2 “unused” in the configuration F-Box of the PCD7.L60x.

With the help of the F-Box ‘Analog Output’ from the F-Box family 'RoomControler PCD7_L60x' it’s then possible
to set the output Y1/Y2 of the PCD7.L60x to:

Status of the output
Value to be written
 Off 0.0%
 On 100.0%


Use only the value 0,0 or 100,0% to switch off or on the Y1/Y2 outputs.
Any other value between 0.0 and 100.0% does set the output in the PWM mode.



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