On my PCD7.L645W/B, why are only groups 3 and 4 controlled when I selected all the 4 groups?

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Up to FW Version SV2.01 of the PCD7.L60x room controller, only the groups 3 and 4 of "light on/off" or "shades up/down" can be controlled on the PCD7.L645W/B. The groups 1 and 2 can only be controlled from FW SV2.11 of the PCD7.L60x.of the PCD7.L60x.



From FW SV2.11 of the PCD7.L60x room controller, all the four groups can be used.
Up to FW SV2.01 of the PCD7.L60x room controller, the light- or shade-outputs have to be configured in the groups 3 and 4. Therewith,  all outputs can be controlled over 2 independent groups.

This restriction only applies in combination with use of the PCD7.L60x S-Bus room controllers (not LON)



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