Why do I have communication problems with the PCD7.L1xx, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx when using the "S-BUS Station" F-Box?

FAQ #100496

This RIO modules need some time to synchronize the baudrate and establish communication.


The communication between a Master Station and a RIO modules doesn't work. There is an "S-Bus Station" FBox used in the project and on the whole S-Bus only RIO modules are placed (no other S-Bus slave station like e.g. a PCD3).

The "S-Bus Station" FBox tries only once to connect the slave. If the connection was not successful it waits 10 seconds (default) and after a second try it waits 60 seconds (default). Since the RIO modules need some time to synchronize the communication will never work. If there is no S-Bus slave station that does not need to synchronize, the RIOs don't have enough traffic to synchronize their UART.

Change the communication speed to the default value: 9600 bits/s
Remove the S-Bus Station FBox from the project until the module(s) are synchronized. If they are once synchronized the S-Bus Station FBox can be added again. As long as the communication works properly on the same baudrate the modules won't start autobauding anymore. If this isn't possible; check that Output 255 (auto baudrate) is activated = 1 using the "Online Debugger" over Gateway and type: Display Output 255. If = 0 type: Write Output 255 1
Deactivate the autobauding and set the RIOs to a fixed baudrate. Autobauding can be switched of by writing Output 255 to 0. Connect to the RIO over a Gateway using the "Online Debugger" and type: broadcAst Write Output 255 0.
More detail in FAQ below 100430.



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