How to link a remote control PCD7.L662 to the wireless receiver PCD7.L666?

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This FAQ explains how the wireless remote control PCD7.L662 can be linked to the wireless receiver with multi-sensor PCD7.L666.


In order to use a wireless receiver with multi-sensor (PCD7.L666) to control the room controller by the wireless remote control PCD7.L662 the configuration tool PCD7.L662-CT is required to link them together.

Configuration procedure

On the remote control PCD7.L662:

  • press 'FAN'+'TEMPERATURE'+'UNOCCUPIED'+'OCCUPIED' simultaneously
    --> the remote is now waiting for linking.

On the PCD7.L662-CT:

  • direct it to the multisensor (infrared signal will be sent at next step)
  • simultaneously press 'FAN'+'TEMPERATURE'+'UNOCCUPIED'+'OCCUPIED'
  • simultaneously press '+' and '-'

On the remote control PCD7.L662:        

  •  A 4 digit ID must appear, corresponding to the multisensor ID.

If this is the case, the products are linked. Test it with any function to check correct operation.



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