Why are the internal symbols of the FBoxes for PCD7.L60x not created automatically?

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Normally the internal symbols of the FBoxes for the PCD7.L60x should be inserted in the global symbol list as soon as the FBox is placed in the project. If this does not happen you, have to change your settings in PG5.


The internal symbols of the PCD7.L60x FBox are missing. Normally they should be created automatically when the FBox is placed in a Fupla File

Reason and Solution
If this does not happen, you have to change the following settings: Select in Fupla: View/Options/Symbols and check the option: "Delete the internal Symbols when the FBox removed". Now the F-Box symbols will be added to the global symbol table immediately if a new PCD7.L60x F-Box is inserted in the Fupla page.



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