Product Index PCD7 Txxx: RS-485 components

  • PCD7.T1xx

  • RS-485 network components


System Catalogue : Cabinet Components

Extract 26-215_A0500 System Catalogue : Cabinet Components

System Catalogue
Cabinet components

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PCD7.T161 & PCD7.T162 - Terminator-Box

Datasheet PP26-538 PCD7.T161 & PCD7.T162 - Terminator-Box



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Installation Components for RS-485 networks

Manual 26-740 Installation Components for RS-485 networks

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  • PCD7.T4850-RF

  • RF-Modem RS-485


System Catalogue : E-Line

Extract 26-215_A0160 System Catalogue : E-Line

Automation Stations - PCD1 E-Line

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PCD7.T4850-RF - E-Line - Radio-Interface-Modem

Datasheet PP31-016 PCD7.T4850-RF - E-Line - Radio-Interface-Modem

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Timeout calculator RF-modem

Software Timeout calculator RF-modem

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Presentation PCD7.T4850-RF

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Good to know

The PCD7.T160 was replaced by the smaller PCD7.T161 (230VAC) or the PCD7.T162 (24VAC/DC) in 2011. The repair of the PCD7.T160 is guaranteed until end of 2016.

PCD7 / Txxx

  • Label and schema of PCD7.T162 are incorrect on housings produced before week 22 of 2011 (FAQ #101615)
  • RS-485 wiring information (FAQ #100152)
  • PCD7.T120 converter RS 232 - RS 485 doesn't work with PG5 and visualisation! (FAQ #100099)

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