Why can't I control the PCD7.L60x "Fan Speed" output in RIO mode?

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Due to a restriction of the firmware before SV 1.08 of the PCD7.L60x room controllers, the Fan Speed output of the devices in RIO mode are not working correctly. This phenomenon can also occur if a too old FBox library is used.


The value written to the "Fan" input of the FBox is not written to the hardware output of the room controller. The other outputs may work correctly though.


  • The FBox library "Room Controller PCD7.L60x" is too old. Please update to the newest library found on our support site in section "Room Controller" -> "PCD7" -> "Lxxx" -> "L6xx".
  • If the room controller hardware has firmware older than SV 1.08 the workaround mentioned on the support site (section "Room Controller" -> "PCD7" -> "Lxxx" -> "L6xx") can be applied. This workaround bases on the trick that both (upper and lower) limits of the fan speed are written to the desired fan speed (and therefore forcing the actual fan speed to the correct value). This workaround is not necessary for firmware SV 1.08 and later of the PCD7.L60x!
    The firmware 1.08 has first been delivered in April 2009.

Please note that the firmware of the room controllers PCD7.L60x can not be updated.



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