Why do the outputs on the PCD7.L120 RIO module not work?

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In case the PCD7.L120 is not configured as RIO it is not possible writing the outputs.


The inputs of the PCD7.L120 can be read by the PCD but the outputs can't be activated by the PCD.
In order to use the PCD7.L120 as RIO modul it is necessary to activate this function through the parameter register 12 as mentioned in the leaflet: by default the register 12 contains 1 (application) it has to be changed to 0 (RIO).

Connect to the L120 S-Bus station with the debugger after having configured the port of the PCD master as S-Bus gateway port in the hardware settings.
Once you are online with the PCD in the Online Debugger, type:

  • Connect Sbus-station <station nr> <enter>
  • Write Register 12 0 <enter>


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