PCD7.L6xx / PCD7.L79xN when working as Master/Slave with the application "2-pipe,CO" the change-over value of the Slave Room-Fbox is not transferred to the L6xx / L79xN . So the cooling output is not working.

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The change-over signal can be connected to the input of a PCD7.L6xx/PCD7.L79xN or it can be transmitted through s-bus.
When the PCD7.L6xx/PCD7.L79xN does work as Master/Slave the change-over signal has to be transferred to the Slave. But if we choose the application "2-pipe,CO" the change-over is not transferred to the Slave and his cooling output is not working.

For PCD7.L6xx: Install the FBox library V2.6.446 or newer.
For PCD7.L79xN: Install the FBox library V2.6.132 or newer.
With this library it is possible to use a Fbox "Load when enable" to write the change-over from the Master to the Slave when working as Maste/Slave.



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