Why is the heating output not high, even if the lower limit has been reached? The FBox status shows "Frost protection".

FAQ #100959

The reason for this behaviour of a PCD7.L6xx is often related to the window contact which is not closed.


Even if the temperature is lower than the limit temperature, the heating output is not set. The FBox shows the status "frost protection".

The window contact is per default configured as: Normal state window contact=closed. In this case the PCD7.L60x checks the window contact. If nothing is connected to this conntact it won't start heating until it reachs the frost protection point.

If the contact is not used for a real window contact you must either have a bridge between the contact 7 and 8 to simulate the window contact as closed or you have to define the window contact in the "Config" F-Box as: Normal state window contact=open.



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