Why is the operation mode (OccMode) changing on a power down or configuration download to "1" (Reduced)?

FAQ #101683

With the FBox "L60x Config" the same configuration has been downloaded to all the PCD7.L60x modules but not all have the same operating mode!


After the powerdown the controller can be driven autonomous and the occupancy can't be controlled over the room operation unit.

It is neccessary to activate the "Presence button" on the operating Device or in the fupla program to change the state of the input "Occ" of the L60x Room Fbox from 0 ->1 ->0 again!

A new functionnality is planned for the PCD7.L60x which will allow to select a user defined Operating Mode (OccMode) on power up, like it is already the case for the PCD7.L79x(N)!



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