Bad communication on PCD7.Lxxx!

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The communication is interrupted for a while (red LED on) and works again by itself (green LEd on) after a few secondes or minutes! Some telegrams are lost.


The new modules are slower than the previous ones. It may be necessary to modify the bus timer.
Therefore follow this procedure:
Configure the master station as Gateway and connect to the RIO slave station with the Online Debugger by typing 
"cOnnect Sbus station xx"
Type: Display Register 8 (10 is displayed = 100 ms)
Type: Write Register 8 2 (20 ms)

If the commnucation isn't yet completly improved, it is needed to change also the parameter Bautrate. In fact the following command disables the "auto baud" functionality. The result is an approved communication because the modules won't try to detect the baudrate after corrupted telegrams.
Type: broadcAst Write Output 255 0 (-->automatic baudrate inactive)



PCD7 / Lxxx

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