Where from to get FBoxes for the obsolete "RAG-Einzelraumregelung"

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The library of the "RAG Einzelraumregelung" (for the obsolete product PCD7.L71x) is not distributed with recent PG5 versions. In case a project is to be updated and this FBoxes are still needed, please download it from this FAQ.


After importing an old PG5 project containing the FBoxes for the obsolete PCD7.L71x room controllers, not all FBoxes are found. During the build, PG5 prints the following error messages:
Compiling: D:\Projects\PG5_1_4_Projects\CustomerCPUs\MyProject\MyFupla.fup
S-FUP: Error 65: MyFupla.fup: Page 1(47,28-1): FBox not in library.
After double-clicking the error messages, Fupla opens and e.g. an FBox "PCD7L712" or "EZRCOM2" like in the screenshot below is shown:

As the products PCD7.L71x are obsolete, the according FBoxes are not installed by default (in order to avoid confusion with the current, similar products).

Download the library from this FAQ and launch the self-executable "Ragezr.exe". It will extract the library files directly into the same folder as the "Ragezr.exe" is stored. Cut these files and paste them in the folder "c:\Program Files\SAIA-Burgess\PG5 1_4\Libs\Usr\" (for PG5 1.4).
Once this is done, you'll be able to compile the project.

Additional information
The library contained in "Ragezr.exe" contains the following Fupla Macros: _EZRCOM2, _RAGEZR, _RAG12, _RAG11, _RAG10.



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