PCD7.L60x / PCD7.60x-1 Room controller; cooling or heating outputs Y1..Y4 are set to 0 if the fan is switched off.

FAQ #101861

For Fancoil applications, the fan output is always needed and the correct handling of this output is very important.

The cooling/heating valves shall not open if the fan is not switched on.


For applications with radiator/cooled ceiling combinations normally it’s not necessary to use a fan.


But the PCD7.L60x and PCD7.60x-1 keep the cooling or heating outputs to the value 0 if the fan is switched off.


Therefore for radiator/cooled ceiling combinations applications it’s necessary to switch on the fan output, also if there is no fan connected to the output to allow the room controller to handle correctly the cooling/heating outputs.
On the F-Box, the maximum fan speed shall not be set to the value "Off".
It's recommended to put the value "Speed 1" for minimum and maximum speed.
With these settings there is no unnecessary switching of the Fancoil outputs.

These settings have to be made in the following FBoxes for the PCD7.L60x in the L60x Conf FBox.
For the PCD7.L60x-1 in the L60x-1 Fan Conf FBox.

For the PCD7.L60x also in the FBoxes L60x Room the same settings have to be made.

For the PCD7.L60x-1 there is a special FBox for controlling the fan L60x-1 Fan Room.
Therefore if the fan isn't needed this box hasn't to be placed.


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