Why does the PCD7.L60x Room controller not work correctly in "Master/Slave" mode?

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In case the PG5 2.0 FBox library version 2.6.150/151 (or PG5 1.4 version 2.5.100/101) is used the change from "autonomous" to "slave" mode does not work correctly. This problem is corrected in the PG5 2.0 FBox library version 2.6.165.


After having changed the operation mode of a PCD7.L60x Room controller from "autonomous" to "slave" the output values for the heating and cooling signal are not stable (in fact they are changing between the values from the master and the ones calculated by the room controller). In this situation the Room controller is not working correctly.
After changing back from "slave mode" to "autonomous mode" the fan speed is blocked to to the level from the master.

This is a bug of the FBox library for the PCD7.L60x. The bug is present in the first FBox library version supporting SW 1.12 (PG5 1.4: 2.5.100; PG5 2.0: 2.6.150).

Please update the FBox library to the version listed below:

  • PG5 1.4: FBox library version 2.5.165 or later
  • PG5 2.0: FBox library version 2.6.165 or later


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