Can I use a Ni 1000 L&S sensor in the Device Configurator or with a PCD7.L310?

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Up to now the Ni1000 L&S is not present in the Device Configurator of PG5 2.0 (e.g. in PG5 2.0.150). In order to connect such temperature sensors, the read temperature needs to be converted.



It is not possible to configure the Device Configurator to read an analogue value according to the specification for a Ni1000 L&S.
Similarly, it is not possible to configure a PCD7.L310 to interpret a temperature sensor with the specification of a Ni1000 L&S.


  • Device Configurator
    The device configurator does not provide the sensor type Ni1000 L&S because the according conversion table is not present in the firmware of the PCD to be configured. 
  • PCD7.L310
    The PCD7.L310 does calculate the temperature directly from the measured resistance of a Ni 1000 DIN 43760 sensor which is to be connected to its inputs.

In case a Ni1000 Tk 5000 (or Ni 1000 L&S) is to be connected to a analogue module (which supports Ni1000 sensors) and this module is configured with the Device Configurator, the temperature which is read needs to be scaled. The following settings have to be used:


The correction factor from the value received from the DC / PCD7.L310 to the temperature if a Ni 1000 Tk 5000 sensor is connected is 1.234 (1.23430072 to be very precise).

The correction can easily be calculated by using the conversion FBox from the HVC general FBox library:

A modification of the Device Configurator and the firmware versions in order to support the Ni1000 L&S sensors is in preparation. This FAQ will be updated as soon as the direct configuration of these sensors is possible.



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