• Saia PCD1 E-Line CPU PCD1.M2220-C15

    The Saia PCD® controller PCD1.M2200-C15 functions as a master for the attached modules. Here it can undertake more complex controls and form the interface to the control level.
    The integrated automation server and the Web+IT functions can be directly used here to visualise the control via a web panel or browser.
    Saia PCD® is the ideal interface for other plants thanks to the support of numerous protocols such as BACnet, LON, Modbus, etc.

E-Line CPU PCD1.M2220-C15

Freely programmable
Supply 24 VAC/VDC
Web and FTP server, filesystem
512 kByte memory for application program
128 kByte FRAM memory for R/F/T/C/DB/Text
128 MByte flash-memory
No battery, but backup of R/F/T/C/DB/Text with FRAM technology (the data are retained in a de-energised state)
2 I/O Slots for PCD2 I/O modules
   (maximum of 39 I/O's directly on a PCD PCD1.M2200-C15)
1 Slot for 'M' memory module

Onboard integrated on the PCD1.M2220-C15:
2 x Analog inputs 12 bits,
      - -10...+10 V
      - 0...2500 Ohm, 0...7500 Ohm, 0...300 kOhm
      - NTC10k, NTC20k
      - Pt/Ni 1000, Ni 1000 L&S
4 x Digital inputs 24V AC/DC
1 x Digital output 48V AC/DC 1A
2 x RS485
2 x Ethernet (Switch)
1 x USB


System Catalogue : E-Line

Extract 26-215_A0160 System Catalogue : E-Line

Automation Stations - PCD1 E-Line

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System Catalogue : Room Automation

Extract 26-215_B0400 System Catalogue : Room Automation

Room automation is a crucial component for room comfort and also reduces operating costs to efficient levels. Energy efficiency therefore plays a vital role along with a comfortable interior temperature and the intuitive operation of the various room functions.

This can be achieved by room automation from SBC.

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E-Line Controller PCD1.M2220-C15

Flyer PP31-038 E-Line Controller PCD1.M2220-C15

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PCD1.M2220-C15: E-Line CPU with Ethernet, 512 kB

Datasheet 31-100 PCD1.M2220-C15: E-Line CPU with Ethernet, 512 kB


- 4 digital inputs
- 2 analogue inputs, individually configurable via software
- 1 Watchdog relay/changeover contact
- Electrical isolation between supply, bus and I/Os
- Pluggable terminal blocks protected by flaps
- Status LEDs on the front
- Ethernet switch, 2× RS-485, USB and NFC interface
- Large onboard memory for data (up to 128 MByte file system)
- Automation server for integration in web+IT systems
- Freely programmable with Saia PG5®

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Manual 27-640 PCD1.M2220-C15

Hardware Manual PCD1.M2220-C15

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Manual 27-600 IO-Modules

I/O modules for the series PCD1 | PCD2 and PCD3

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Systemcable and adapter

Manual 26-792 Systemcable and adapter

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PCD2.F2xxx - serial interface modules

Manual 27-649 PCD2.F2xxx - serial interface modules

Physical interfaces for specific protocols

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Leaflet: PCD1.M2220-C15

Readme 35-005 Leaflet: PCD1.M2220-C15

Saia PCD1.M2220-C15 E-Line controller

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Good to know

  • PG5 2.1.430 or later is to be used for working with the PCD1 E-Line
  • To use NTC10k or NTC20k on the onboard analogue inputs it's necessary to use the conversion Fboxes to get the temperature curb.
    See the details and the conversion table from the getting started section of our homepage

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