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The E-Controller created for the electrical systems (Saia PCD1.M0160E0) is a Function PCD that can be used immediately in the default setting without any programming. Energy meters connected via S-Bus and H104SE gateway modules for pulse counters are detected automatically. The E-Controller with energy monitoring function combines data capture, visualization and logging in one compact device. The applications integrated in the PCD are created with the Saia PG5® Controls Suite (for more information, see in the system catalogue under section 5.1). These applications can be adjusted, extended or changed completely as required. With the optional communication interfaces, further protocols and thus data (e.g. from a Modbus counter) can be integrated. As a result of its electrical switch cabinet-compatible design, this controller is suitable for installation in the electrical cabinet next to the energy meters. Other simple applications, for example in the sub-cabinet as a communication gateway, can also be implemented using the E-Controller


System Catalogue : S-Monitoring (Energy Meters)

Extract 26-215_A0400 System Catalogue : S-Monitoring (Energy Meters)

Chapter: S-Monitoring
Consumption data capture

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PCD1.M0160E0 - E-Controller

Flyer PP26-568 PCD1.M0160E0 - E-Controller

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PCD1.M0160E0 - E-Controller

Flyer PP26-564 PCD1.M0160E0 - E-Controller

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Manual 27-622 PCD1.M0160E0

Hardware Manual for E-Controller

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TCP/IP - Ethernet for the Saia PCD® Serie

Manual 26-776 TCP/IP - Ethernet for the Saia PCD® Serie

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Manual 27-623 S-Monitoring_Application

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Leaflet S-Monitoring

Tutorial 26-021 Leaflet S-Monitoring

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Firmware used in production

The actual COSinus FW is available from the COSinus firmware page.

Good to know

  • There is an iPhone and Android App for browsing the web visualisation
  • If case the PCD1.M0160E0 has to be programmed, Saia PG5® or later is required.
  • Information about PCD7.W600 on this link 

PCD1 / _Firmware Classic

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The requested software / document is no longer marketed by Saia-Burgess Controls AG and without technical support. It is an older software version which can be operated only on certain now no longer commercially available products.