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PCD1 E-Line RIO family

In the E-Line RIO I/O family there are two different housings types for the RIOs.
To have a differentiator of the two hosing types, the two hosing types where named ‘Series’

The L-Series (L for large) and the S-Series (S for small).
The ‘L’ and ‘S’ does make reference to the maximum number of inputs/outputs on the device, but not on the surface used on the cabinet, since both series does have the same housing width and height.


  • The L-Series does have at maximum 36 I/O’s per device
  • The S-Series does have at maximum 20 I/O’s per device.
  • L-Series of the Saia PCD1 E-Line RIO family

    The L-series E-Line RIO modules are controlled via RS-485 and enable decentralised automation using industrial quality components.

    The data point mix is specifically designed for applications in the HVAC sector.

    Moreover, the compact design enables the use of electrical distribution boxes alongside installations even in confined spaces. Commissioning and servicing are facilitated due to the local override operating level for each output. Remote maintenance is also possible using the optional access to the override operating level via the web interface in the Saia PCD® controller.
    Programming is also very efficient and fast using a comprehensive FBox library with web templates.

  • S-Series of the Saia PCD1 E-Line RIO family

    In the development of the S-Series of the Saia PCD1 E-Line RIO family, the experiences from 1st generation L-Series Saia PCD1 E-Line RIO and the customer feedback systems have been taken into consideration and the modules have been developed in such a way that installation and commissioning is even easier.

    Improvements in the S-Series of the Saia PCD E-Line RIO's:

    • Bridge connector for feeding the supply voltage and RS485 to the next RIO module
    • RS485 terminating resistor can be switched on and off using the slide switch.
    • Spring clamps on all terminals.

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