How many slaves could be connected to a PCD1.M2110R1 (Room)?

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The PCD1.Room is able to handle up to 10 S-Bus and 10 Modbus slaves.




With the PCD FW < 1.22.25 the slave addresses had to be in the address range from 0-9.
It was not possible to communicate with slaves where the address was > 9.

Since the FW >= 1.22.25 it's possible to use the whole address range between 0 and 253 for addressing the slaves and to use up to 10 different addresses in this range.
If you use more than 10 addresses then these addresses are unaccounted and it's not possible to read/write to this slaves.
If you want to give new addresses or change addresses to the salves a download of the application program and therefore a reset of the PCD 1.Room is necessary.

With TCP/IP connections (Ether-S-BUS and Modbus TCP/UDP) there are no limitation if the PCD acts as slave.
If the PCD is master the slave addresses for Modbus and S-BUS are also limited to 10. Concerning the number of IP-Nodes / IP addresses there are the usual limits (more information can be found in the manuals for Modbus 26/866 and Ethernet 26-776).



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