Why does the "Automatic Reset" of the "Heavac Init" not work on a PCD1.M2120?

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When using the PCD1.M2xx0 the option "Automatic Reset" of the Heavac FBox library is not working.

RAM DBs/Texts once defined are not changed when downloading the program with PG5.


The FBoxes from the Heavac library (as well as the ones from the DDC Suite) are not reset after a download of the program to the PCD. This is not even the case if the option "Automatic Reset" is enabled.
A possible consequence may be that the times configured in a clock FBox are never set correctly (unless you execute a manual reset of the Heavac Init FBox).

Also it is possible that baud rates don't change after downloading a program (with a new baud rate) because the SASI texts are not updated after download with PG5. The same error can also cause that a changed recipient in an email FBox is not updated and the FBox shows asterisks as output.

The reason for this phenomenon is that PG5 2.0.150 with patch 1 applied does not initialize the RAM DBs (on which the functionality of the "Automatic Reset" is based).
The problem appears also when having PG5 2.0.150 with Patch 3 installed, that texts once defined do not change.

In order to solve this issue please install the patch 4 for PG5 2.0.150 by executing the following steps:

  • Install PG5 2.0.150
  • Install patch 4 for PG5 2.0.150
  • Re-download your project; from now on the "Automatic Reset" from the Heavac library (which is also applied to the DDC Suite FBoxes) is working correctly.

Plase note that this FAQ has been updated; At the time the FAQ has been released patch 2 was mentioned, but in fact patch 4 is required.




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