Why the status overflow flag of the onboard analogue inputs of the PCD1.M0, PCD1.M2, PCD3.M2x30V6 (PCD3 Compact) and PCD3.M2x30A4Tx (PCD3 WAC) does show an over-flow in the middle of the measurement?

FAQ #101864

Due of an error on the FW the overflow status flag of the onboard analogue inputs does not work correctly.

This flag was set to high in the middle of the measurement range and not if the maximum value was reached.


The error occurs on all onboard analogue inputs independent if the analogue input is used for current, voltage or temperature signals on the following PCD’s.
- PCD1.M2
- PCD1.M2 (PCD1.Room)
- PCD1.M0 (PCD1 E-Controller)
- PCD3.M2x30V6 (PCD3 Compact)
- PCD3.M2x30A4Tx (PCD3 WAC)

Use the new FW which does fix the error.
The FW is available on the support homepage and it's possible to update the firmware with the
PG5 firmware downloader tool.
For the PCD1.M0/M2 the error was fixed in the PCD firmware.
For the PCD3 Compact and PCD3 WAC, the error was fixed on the dedicated IO-Board FW

Overview about the FW which does fix the problem:
For the PCD1.M0/M2:

System   PCD 
Firmware version 
PCD1.M0/M2 1.20.39

For the PCD3:

System   IO-Board
Firmware version 
Minimum HW version of the PCD
which support the new IO-Board FW
PCD3.M2x30V6 Compact  022B
PCD3.M2x30A4Tx WAC 1.00.13 A




PCD3 / Mxxx

PCD1 / M2xx0

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