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  • Analogue combined input/output modules


System Catalogue : PCD3

Extract 26-215_A0120 System Catalogue : PCD3

Automation Stations - PCD3

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PCD3.W525 - Combined analogue I/O, 6 channels

Datasheet 31-643 PCD3.W525 - Combined analogue I/O, 6 channels

Analogue combined input/output module with galvanic isolation, 6 channels :

4 inputs, 14 bits, 0…10 V, 0(4)…20 mA, Pt 1000, Pt 500 or Ni 1000 (selectable by DIP switch)

2 outputs, 12 bits, 0…10 V or 0(4)…20 mA (selectable by software (FBox, FB)

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PCD2.W525 | PCD3.W525

Manual 26-853 PCD2.W525 | PCD3.W525

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Manual 27-600 IO-Modules

I/O modules for the series PCD1 | PCD2 and PCD3

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PCD3 Hardware

Manual 26-789 PCD3 Hardware

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Systemcable and adapter

Manual 26-792 Systemcable and adapter

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Technical Reports

Good to know

The PCD3.W5x0 modules have been discontinued in 2009 (repair service until 31.12.2014). The possible replacement modules are listed in FAQ 101151.
In order to use the PCD3.W525 on a PCD3.T760, the following minimal versions of the T760 are required:
GSE or GSD version 1.11 and firmware version 1.020. These latest versions of these files can be downloaded from the PCD3 page.
For the PCD3.W525, the description of the diagnostic information is written on the FAQ 101552

PCD3 / Wxxx

  • Why are the inputs and outputs of a PCD3 systems not switched on and off correctly, or switched on and off randomly, or the I/O status not detected correctly in the PLC? (FAQ #102063)
  • On a PCD2.M4560 or PCD3.M5560, why the measured PT100 temperature values are not correct if the PT100 sensors are connected to PCD2.W220Z18 or PCD3.W220Z18 modules? (FAQ #102052)
  • Why do measured input values for PCD2.W3x5 / PCD3.W3x5 cards "freeze" (FAQ #102043)
  • Why do the 0 to 10 V analog outputs of the PCD3.W800 cards 'freeze' to a random value during operation and cannot be controlled by the user program? (FAQ #102028)
  • Why do the output of the PCD2/3.W6x5 not deliver stable signals? (FAQ #102014)
  • How to read the diagnostic information of a PCD3.W745 on a PCD3.T760? (FAQ #101697)
  • Why are analogue entries of the PCD3.W745 displayed incorrectly when using the memory mapping? (FAQ #101672)
  • What is the signification of the I/O words of a PCD2/3.W525 module? (FAQ #101552)
  • Why do I get wrong values when reading a PCD2/3.W340 with media mapping? (FAQ #101416)
  • What exactly is a PCD2/3.W721 and can I order it? (FAQ #101247)
  • Why do the outputs of PCD2/3.W525 not work? (FAQ #101204)
  • Replacement possibilities for PCD2.W5x0 and PCD3.W5x0 modules (FAQ #101151)
  • PCD3.W800: how to detect if an output channel is in forced state (FAQ #101063)
  • Which module to use for Pt100 / Ni100 measurements? (FAQ #101032)
  • Can PCD2/3.W3x5 module measure "overrange values"? (FAQ #100955)
  • On the Profibus-DP or Profi-S-I/O master it isn't possible to read or write registers with address > 4095 from the slave (FAQ #100927)
  • Connecting "special" temperature sensors to analogue modules. (FAQ #100926)
  • Why is the range of analogue (current-) input modules specified as 0(4)..20 mA? (FAQ #100675)
  • Analogue modules read wrong values while beeing online with PG5 (FAQ #100631)
  • How to connect two-wire current converters? (FAQ #100623)
  • Shall the terminal 16 of the PCD2/3.W745 be connected to ground? (FAQ #100604)
  • How to configure the PCD3.W800 and A810 on an RIO Module PCD3.T760? (FAQ #100570)
  • Are the modules PCD3.W800, PCD3.A810 and PCD3.A860 supported by the PCD3.T760? (FAQ #100504)
  • What is the reason for the error "underflow" of the PCDx.W745? (FAQ #100499)
  • Frozen PCD2/3.W3x5 and PCD2/3.W6x5 modules (FAQ #100475)
  • Negative values from PCD3.T760 are not interpreted correctly on the PCD (FAQ #100466)
  • Sampling time of PCD2/3.W6x5 modules (FAQ #100395)
  • How to configure a PCD3.W745 on a PCD3.T760? (FAQ #100214)
  • Why do PCD3.Wxxx input modules placed on an extension modules PCD3.Cxxx not work properly? (FAQ #100054)

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