Why are the inputs and outputs of a PCD3 systems not switched on and off correctly, or switched on and off randomly, or the I/O status not detected correctly in the PLC?

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The problem may be related to a loose contact on the PCD3.K010 connectors used to connect the PCD3.M/Txxx CPU's and the PCD3.Cxxx expansion modules.

In this case, various error patterns may occur, such as

  • - If an input is set to 1, then several inputs are set to 1 at the same time.
  • - If an output is set to 1 in the application program, then the output is not set on the output module.
  • - The status of the inputs is not correctly recognised in the application program.


The affected PCD3.K010 modules have a manufacturing date of 2028 (year 2020, week 28).


If the symptoms described above occur and a PCD3.K010 module with fabrication date 2028 is used, replace the PCD3.K010 module with a new PCD3.K010 module.

Order new PCD3.K010 modules and create an RMA request with the error description and the remark: CRABBMS-430 and select the option 'Advanced replacement'.

The date of manufacture can be seen on the white sticker on the PCD3.K010.


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