Can PCD2/3.W3x5 module measure "overrange values"?

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Yes, the intelligent analogue modules PCD2.W3x5 and PCD3.W3x5 are able to read an "overrange value" of up to 110%.


As result, it is possible reading e.g. the digital value 4100 instead of 4095 (maximal 12 bit value). Of course, this is only the case if the measured signal is higher than the specified value (e.g. 10.1 Volt or 20.1 mA).

Can I switch off the overrange measurement?
Yes, if no overrange value is desired, the module can be configured for not reading the override values. This is done in the FBox by selecting the option "0..100%" in the parameter "Value range".
If the analogue input module is used on a PCD3.T760, the according parameter is called "Under-/Overflow avoidance" and needs to be switched on, if no overrange value is desired.

While the default FBox option is "0..100%" (no overrange), the default option when used on a PCD3.T760 is measuring the "Under-/Overflow".



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