Connecting "special" temperature sensors to analogue modules.

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Depending on the resistive temperature detector type and the analogue input module, various combinations are possible which are not all listed in the FBox or the manuals.


In general an analogue input module designed for measuring the resistance of an NI1000 or PT1000 sensor can also measure the resistance of e.g. an NI1000 Landis & Staefa (L&S) or an NTC10 sensors (and many more). However, the FBox does not necessarily feature the option for configuring the relevant sensor type. In this case, the digital value of the input module can be read in the mode "1:1" and based on this value, the temperature can be calculated (or more precisely: interpolated) by using the FBox "Conversion 20 point" from the FBox Family "HVC General".
The according values which are to be filled in the "Conversion 20 point" FBox can be obtained from Saia-Burgess Controls AG.

Which combinations are possible?
In general it is important that the resistance range for which the analogue input module is designed for does fit the resistance range of the sensor for the temperature range to be measured. It is even possible to apply e.g. a parallel resistance in order to shift the resistance measured to a range which can be measured by the analogue input module. Below you can find some often used combinations of analogue input modules and special tempearture sensors:

  • NTC10k sensor with PCD2/3.W340 together
  • NTC10kPre sensor with PCD2.W220Z02 or PCD3.W220Z03
  • NTC20k Honeywell with PCD2.W220Z02 or PCD3.W220Z03 
  • Ni1000 L&S with large temperature range on PCD2/3.W220 or PCD2/3.W340
  • Ni1000 Tk 5000 with PCD2/3.W360
  • Ni200 DIN 43760 with PCD2/3.W350
  • Potentiometer 1kOhm on PCD2/3.W220
  • Potentiometer 2kOhm on PCD2/3.W340
  • Staefa T1 with PCD2/3.W220
  • QAC 31 with PCD2/3.W220
  • KTY10-6 on PCD2/3.W220 or PCD2/3.W340 (temperature range -45..50°C)

Where from do I get the values for the conversion?
Please send a mail which contains the specific type of your sensor (if possible, provide the resistance table of the sensor) and the definition of the temperature range you need to measure to




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