Why do the outputs of PCD2/3.W525 not work?

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The outputs of a PCD2.W525 or a PCD3.W525 need to be configured correctly. If this is the case, it is possible that a problem in the FBox leads to the fact that the outputs are not written correctly.


The output signal of a W525 module is always 0. At the same time, the inputs of the FBox do work correctly.

This phenomenon can be caused by either

  • an incorrect configuration in the FBox
  • the module has no power supply connected. In this case the LED on the module is blinking
  • a current output is configured and there is no load on the output
  • by a problem in the FBox (this probelm is observed very rarely)

If the problem is not caused by an incorrect configuration of the FBox or by missing power supply of the module, please download and install the latest version of the FBoxes (V 2.6.100) from the support site.
After the installation of this library, please execute a build and download the project.

PG5 2.0.110 does contain the correct library.



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