Are the modules PCD3.W800, PCD3.A810 and PCD3.A860 supported by the PCD3.T760?

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Yes they are and starting in PG5 1.4 these modules are included in the S-Net Configurator by default. When using PG5 1.3 an import of a recent version of the GSE (or GSD) file is necessary. The firmware of the PCD3.T760 must be V 1.019 or later.


In the S-Net Configurator of PG5 1.3 (DP or S-I/O) the modules PCD3.W800, PCD3.A810 and PCD3.A860 are not implemented.
The mentioned modules are not implemented because at the time PG5 1.3 has been released the modules have not been available.

Upgrade the firmware of the PCD3.T760 to V 1.019 or later and with right-mouse-click on the T760 device in the SIO-configurator 'Remove Device ...' , delete the actual GSE-file. Then, import the new GSE file into the S-Net Configurator. Note that the new GSE file has to be named exactly 'PCD3.T760'. If the name is different, the S-I/O configurator will not use the new version. Old projects will also work correctly with the new GSE file.



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