Can I change the language of the eXP Panel?

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The eXP Panels PCD7.D6xxxx are by default delivered with the eXP image installed and configured in English language. In case another language is preferred, it is possible to change the language to either German, French or Italian.


Procedure for changing the language of an eXP panel

  • From the start menu, select the "Control Panel":
  • As next, select the "Date, Time, Language and Regional Options":
  • In the appearing window, choose the "Control Panel icon" with the name "Regional and Language Options":
  • Now select the tab "Language" and choose your preferred language:
    Note that other regional options and settings such as the keyboard layout, date and currency formats can be configured in the same window.
  • Click "Ok" and log off or reboot the panel (the new configuration is taken into account only after a logoff).


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