Until when are PCD7.DxxxTM repaired?

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In 2011 the Windows based Web Panels with Celeron processor have been phased-out. This FAQ lists possible replacements and the date until when the panels can be repaired.


Why have the Celeron eWin panels been phased out?
Due to the fact that the new eWeb panels equipped with Atom processors (PCD7.DxxxxTA) are "fan less", do have a better performance and use less power the panels equipped with Celeron processors have been phased out.
The cut-out dimensions of the Atom Panels are the same as with the out phased CELERON-M types. Also the CPU box is smaller, so there should be no problem to replace the out phased types one by one.

Until when can the Celeron panels be repaired, and how can I replace them? 

 Panel type  Repair until  Replacement possibiliy 
 PCD7.D5100TM0x0  end 2013 PCD7.D5100TA010
 PCD7.D5120TM0x0 end 2013 Please use either 10" or 15" TA versions *)
 PCD7.D5150TM0x0 end 2013 PCD7.D5150TA010
 PCD7.D6100TM0x0 end 2013 PCD7.D6100TA010
 PCD7.D6120TM0x0 end 2013 Please use either 10" or 15" TA versions *)
 PCD7.D6150TM0x0  end 2013 PCD7.D6150TA010

*) Due to the fact only few 12" panels were sold there is no direct replacement for these types available.

Advantages when using the new Atom panels
The new Atom based panels are fanless and offer a slightly higher performance, an increased main memory (RAM) of 1 GByte and a 4 GByte solid state disk at a lower price level. This makes operating web visualisations very smoothly and offers a solution also for processing power demanding applications.

  • Easy upgrading because of same dimensions
  • Fan less
  • Less power consumption
  • More resources and processor power

Currently the Atom panels are still in pilot phase, so please contact your local sales office in order obtain an Atom panel. 



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