How to find out the image version installed on a eXP Panel?

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In some cases it might be interesting to know the image version installed on a Windos XP Panel (PCD7.D6xxx). This information can be found in the folder "Version" located in C:\Version on the panel itself.



On each PCD7.D6xxx panel (Windows eXP), you'll find a folder called "Version". The names of the files contained in this folder indicate the versions (the extensions of the files indicate the software/image that belongs to the version). The only purpose of these files is the indication of the versions, they don't have any content (and therefore have a size of 0). 

The content of the folder "Version" is not automatically updated in case a new version of the uBrowser is copied onto the panel. The information in this folder can therefore be different than the really used versions.



PCD7 / D6xxx (Windows eXP)

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