How can I access the Software Keyboard when running the Browser in kiosk mode on my Saia PCD® Web Panel XP?

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This button allows the access to Windows on-screen keyboard, especially if browser runs in kiosk or full screen mode.

If the Internet Explorer is switched to kiosk or full screen mode, the user can't activate the screen keyboard anymore. Skb_access.exe starts with a very small Window which remains allways on top of the Internet Explorer screen. It consists of one single button which allows to get the Windows XP on-screen keyboard always in front. Each time, the button for accessing the on-screen keyboard is activated, Skb_access stores the actual screen position of its window internally - so the position of the window is preserved for the next boot-up of the panel/web application.

The window title and the button text can be adjusted with command line parameters.


Operating system

  • Windows eXP

Target Saia PCD® Web Panel

  • PCD7.D6120TVxxx
  • PCD7.D6150TVxxx
  • PCD7.D6100TMxxx
  • PCD7.D6120TMxxx
  • PCD7.D6150TMxxx

Type of application
Windows application

Download the program from here
Size: 273 kBye
License: Skb_access.exe runs only on genuine Saia PCD® Web Panels.
Unpack the zip file to a folder of your choice. No further installation / registration procedure is necessary.

Start skb_access.exe in your Startup.batch file before the Iinternet Explorer is switched to full or kiosk mode
"C:\Program Files\SKB_access\skb_access.exe" [Window title] [Button text] 



PCD7 / D6xxx (Windows eXP)

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