Why do I get the error message "Windows - Out of Virtual Memory" on my PCD7.D61xxTL010 eXP panel?

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If you run on your PCD7.D61xxTL010 eXP panel with 512 MB main memory the internet explorer and use the applet 5.15.02 (or later) with standard *.html settings of the WebEditor, you might face the following error message "Windows - Out of Virtual Memory – Your system is running low on virtual memory" at the moment the applet is started.


With the default settings of the S-Web Editor 5.15.02 the applet tries to allocate too much memory.

The task is to modify the size of the allocated memory used by the applet. This setting's defined in the *.html file of the WebEditor project. We have to add this supplementary initialization at a place that the WebEditor doesn’t overwrite during the Build all process. Add the line


just below the line


example of html-code

Alternative solution
use WebEditor 5.15.03 or WebEditor 8 once available.



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PCD7 / D6xxx (Windows eXP)

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