• Profibus on Saia PCD®


Profibus in building automation systems

According to EN 50170, Profibus is the internationally standardised bus for industry and building automation systems.

Profibus DP opens up the world of standardised network communication up to 12 Mb/s for a wide range of applications between different manufactures.


Profibus-DP with Saia PCD®

Saia PCD® controllers are available with Profibus DP master and slave connections. Version DP V0 is supported. Decentral data points

under the designation PCD3.T760 supplement the Profibus product range and enable the construction of decentralised automation solutions.

Thanks to the diverse communication properties, Saia PCD® controllers are ideal for use as communication gateways, e.g. Ethernet–

Profibus, BACnet–Profibus, etc.


System Catalogue : Profibus DP

Extract 26-215_B0255 System Catalogue : Profibus DP

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Man Profibus DP

Manual 26-860 Man Profibus DP



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Profibus DP (old)

Manual 26-765 Profibus DP (old)



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Good to know

All NT PCDs are equipped with an onboard Profibus Slave port!

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