How to configure the Saia PCD® as DP Master, if the Slave is a Siemens CP 342-5?

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The configuration of the two devices has to match.


On the Saia side the DP configuration is made using the DP-network configurator and definig the modules to exchange. The CP 342-5 communicates using FC's.

In the Siemens programming tool the FC 1 is used for sending data to the master. FC 2 is used for receiving data from the master. FC 3 and 4 can be used for diagnostic and control.
Example Siemens:
      CALL  FC     1
       SEND   :=P#DB119.DBX0.0 BYTE 64
       DONE   :=M100.1
       ERROR  :=M100.2
       STATUS :=MW102

CPLADDR: Is the address of the CP 342-5 in hexadecimal (Decimal=256). This has to be defined in the Siemens Hardware Configuration.
SEND: Is the data to send. In this case the data is located in DB119. The amount of data to send is 64 Bytes.
DONE: Indicates if the function was executed
ERROR: Indicates errors
STATUS: Shows the actual status. For more information refer to the Simatic Manager help.

Example Saia:
On the Saia side we have to configure the same amount of BYTES. Since the Slave sends 64 BYTE the configuration on the SAIA site has to be 64 BYTES as well.
There are two possibilities:
32 word AI constcy complet: in this case the data is mapped to registers
64 bytes AI constcy complet: in this case the data is mapped to flags.

The same structur can be used if the Siemens Slave receives data from the master:

Example Siemens:
      CALL  "DP_RECV"
       CPLADDR :=W#16#100
       RECV    :=P#DB119.DBX100.0 BYTE 64
       NDR     :=M200.1
       ERROR   :=M200.2
       STATUS  :=MW202

Example Saia:
32 word AO constcy complet
64 bytes AO constcy complet



PG5 2.0 / Profibus DP

PG5 1.x

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