It's possible to use my old GSD data's in new PG5 projects?

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If GSD files are imported in to PG4/PG5 then this files are stored in a SBC specific format in the files dpdv.dat and dpsaiadv.dt.

If you want to use the imported GSD files on a other PC (with Saia PG5®) or on a other PG5 version then you have to copy the files dpdp.dat and dpsaiadv.dat from the old PC to the new PC


It's possible to add non SBC Profibus-DP devices to our PG4/PG5 Profibus-DP configurator. This *.GSD or *.GSE files can be added with the option "library, add device" to the device list of the Profibus-DP configurator.
During the import, the information of such *.GSD or *.GSE files are copied from the *.GSD/GSE files in to the SBC specific files dpdv.dat and dpsaiadv.dat which are located in the PG4/PG5 main folder.

If you like to use the stored *.GSD/GSD information on a other PC or on a newer version of PG5 then you have to copy this two files (dpdv.dat and dpsaiadv.dat) from the old PC to the new PC/PG5.

For PG4 and PG5 (The user himself has to save the files in to the backup project, and have to restore the files manually.

With PG5 V1.3 the files dpdv.dat and dpsaiadv.dat are saved together with the project during the backup of the project.
A restore of such projects will compare the content of the files dpdv.dat and dpsaiadv.dat stored on the PG5 main folder and the content of the saved dpdv.dat/dpsaiadv.dat and complete the files on the PG5 main folder with the additional information's stored on the saved files.



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