Does the DP/DP coupler 6ES7 from Siemens work with a PCD system?

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The Profibus DP-DP Coupler 6ES7 158-0AD00-0XA0 from Siemens is used to exchange data between two Profibus DP Master devices. The coupler itself acts as Profibus DP Slave and is to be connected to two different Profibus networks. It will copy the "input" of one side of the coupler to the "output" of the other side. This device is used by several customers and works with Profibus DP masters from SBC.


Important points when commissioning the 6ES7

  • It is important that the modules on both sides of the DP/DP coupler do have an identical size
    When defining the modules, make sure that the size of the modules is identical on both "sides" (networks) of the coupler. Make sure that the "input" area of one side corresponds to the "output" area of the other side.
  • The diagnostic bit in for the coupler has several possible meanings:
    - It can indicate "no communication"
    - or it can indicate a configuration mismatch (e.g. different size of the modules)
    - or it can indicate that no communication is running on the onter "side" of the coupler


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