The standard for building services

LonWorks® technology is a standardised communication protocol which is well-established in building and industrial automation systems. Properties such as the decentralised intelligence, modular design, requirement-based interfaces and the capability to adjust to existing infrastructures makes LonWorks® an interesting option for the transfer of data in the field layer and for backbone systems.
The individual network participants, the so-called nodes, are able to exchange event-controlled data among themselves.
LonWorks® forms the platform for manufacturer independent communication in multi-service building automation systems.

More information about LON FTT10 you find unter the following link.


Typical applications of a LonWorks® infrastructure

  • Heating, ventilation and climate control
  • Light control
  • Shading control
  • Security
  • Energy management, etc.

PCD systems

LonWorks® is available as a communications option for practically all PCD systems. PCD classic controllers are connected to the Saia PG5® COSinus operating system via IP 852 (Ethernet). LON FTT10 is also possible using a communication module, whereby each module supports max. 254 network variables. The PG5 contains a suitable LON resource configurator for configuring the LON nodes and an FBox library for commissioning, testing, transmitting and receiving network variables.

A LON options module is always required for using the LON-over IP (IP 852). A PCD7.R58x is used for memory slots M1 or M2 for PCD3.M5/M6-, PCD2.M5-, PCD1.M2- and PCD1.M0 controllers. The PCD3.R58x module is available for I/O slots.
A “LON communication module” is also required to connect the LON FTT10. This module provides PCD controllers with a LonWorks® interface but without a router function. PCD1.M2 controllers require the PCD2.F2400 module and PCD3 controllers (see supported PCD3 devices in the table belwo) the PCD3.F240 module.
External LON FTT10- / IP gateways are also required to connect FTT10 devices directly to the management system or other LON IP 852 devices, for example. In place of a router, the application program can also copy network variables on IP 852 via PCD resources from any system. 



PG5 LON Configurator and FBox Library

The FBox library can be used for communication control of LON IP (PCD7.R58x) and LON FTT10 (PCD3/2.F240x) modules. The Help describes the functionality of the different FBox modules. Please note that you'll still use the PG5 LON over IP or Lon FTT10 Configurator to create LonWorks node configurations. For detailed information about the work flow, please check out the Saia Lon Manual 26-883.




System Catalogue : LonWorks Networks

Extract PP26-215_B0262 System Catalogue : LonWorks Networks

LonWorks® The building automation system field bus

ENG16 Archive .pdf 0.50 MB Download
FRA16 Archive .pdf 0.50 MB Download
GER16 Archive .pdf 0.50 MB Download
ITA16 Archive .pdf 0.50 MB Download

LonWorks for PCD COSinus

Manual 26-883 LonWorks for PCD COSinus

LonWorks® with Saia PCD® COSinus Systems

Lon over IP - PCD7.R58x

Lon FTT10 - PCD2.F2400 / PCD3.F240

ENG02 .pdf 4.11 MB Download
FRA02 .pdf 4.21 MB Download
GER02 .pdf 4.53 MB Download

Room Controller with LON PCD7.L611

Manual 26-876 Room Controller with LON PCD7.L611

DE03 .pdf 6.08 MB Download
EN03 .pdf 5.93 MB Download
FR03 .pdf 6.01 MB Download
IT03 .pdf 6.07 MB Download

LonWorks® Networks with Saia PCD

Manual 26-767 LonWorks® Networks with Saia PCD

ENG05 .pdf 6.68 MB Download
FRA05 .pdf 6.58 MB Download
GER05 .pdf 6.73 MB Download

Single Room Controller with LON PCD7.L610

Manual 26-873 Single Room Controller with LON PCD7.L610

ENG04 .pdf 4.20 MB Download
FRA04 .pdf 4.25 MB Download
GER04 .pdf 4.04 MB Download
ITA04 .pdf 4.24 MB Download

Single room controllers based on LON

Technical Info PP26-341 Single room controllers based on LON

DE04 Archive .pdf 0.47 MB Download
EN04 Archive .pdf 0.46 MB Download
FR04 Archive .pdf 0.48 MB Download
RU01 Archive .pdf 0.86 MB Download


LonIp firmware used in production

Firmware 1.24.69/1.26.31/1.28.51 LonIp firmware used in production

LonIp FW and coresponding PCD FW for PCD1.M2xx0, PCD2.M4x60, PCD2.M5xx0, PCD3.Mxxx0, PCD3.Mxx60

Do use at least the PG5 firmware downloader version 2.1.311 or newer (included in PG5 patch 2.1.311 or newer) to prevent the loading of the FW 1.24.xx or 1.26.xx or newer to a not compatible PCD.

LonIP FW 1.24.69 / 1.26.31 / 1.28.51 .zip 15.53 MB Download

The actual COSinus FW 1.20.xx or higher for the PCD is available from the COSinus firmware page

FBox library


Software FBox LonIP+FT

2.7.200 New .saiazip 0.35 MB Download

Good to know

More information about LON FTT10 you find unter the following link.

Communication / LON (FTT10)

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PG5 2.0 / LON on IP

  • With PG5 2.1.100, why do I get the error "LONIP FAIL 1007" (FAQ #101831)

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