• Modbus on Saia PCD®


Modbus is communications protocol based on a master/slave or client/server architecture. It is widely used and supported by many manufacturers and devices. In many cases, therefore, Modbus is the common denominator for exchanging data between different devices and systems.

The Modbus driver is implemented in the firmware of the PCD1.M2, the PCD2.M5 and all PCD3 controllers. The configuration of the driver is done by FBoxes or in IL. The physical layers supported are RTU, ASCII (both on RS-485 or RS-232), UDP/IP and TCP/IP.


System Catalogue : Modbus

Extract 26-215_B0262 System Catalogue : Modbus

Modbus with Saia PCD®

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Modbus User Interface Document

Manual 26-866 Modbus User Interface Document

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Good to know

A program example can be found in the Getting Started section of this page.
The FBoxes for Modbus are automatically installed with PG5 2.0 but need to be licensed.
For older PCD systems (such as the PCD2.M170 or the PCD1.M1x5) a pure FBox solution from the company Engiby exists

PG5 2.0 / Modbus

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