Too strong limitation imposed by S-Net Configurator

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The S-Net Configurator distributed with PG5 until version PG5 1.4.130 does impose too strong limitations regarding the amount of modules in the configuration. As result the maximal size of exchanged data can not be reached.


When trying to configure a Profibus DP or a Profi-S-I/O master station that will exchange more than 160 bytes in- and output data with Profibus DP slaves, the consistency error message
Slave 2 "Slave" :
        Error 601: Configuration too large. Try removing some modules.
appears. Therefore it is not possible configuring the maximal amount of exchanged data.

There S-Net Configurator does calculate the limits according a very old version of the module PCD7.F750. In this old version (a pilot version) of the module much less memory for the data exchange has been available.

This wrong calculation of the maximum exchanged data is (will be) corrected in PG5 SP1.4.140. In case you need to configure the network with PG5 SP1.4.130, please contact your local sales office and request an appropriate version of the S-Net configurator (SNet32.exe).

Additional note
The Profibus DP manual states that the maximal amount of exchanged data per PCD7.F750 is 2942 bytes. This limitation does not apply for Saia PCD® COSinus systems (PCD2.M480, PCD3, PCD2.M5xxx or PCD1.M2) where the maximal amount of exchanged data per Profibus DP Master is 2048 bytes.
Note that the maximal amount of exchanged data per Profibus DP Slave is 244 bytes.



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