EIB/KNX with Saia PCD®


Classic CPU's can be part of an EIB TP (Twisted Pair) network by means of an FBox library and a RS-232 or IP to EIB converter (ABB or similar). The function of the PCD can be programmed, it is possible to listen the bus and to control actuators. To get the actual state of network participants, the PCD can poll them at startup. Quite often PCD's are used as a gateway between the EIB network and supervisory systems. All Classic PCD's with a full RS-232 or an Ethernet port can be used together with EIB.


System Catalogue : EIB/KNX

Extract 26-215_B0263 System Catalogue : EIB/KNX


Communication drivers for electrical systems and room automation

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Presentation SBC and KNX

Power point presentation

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PG5 2.1.200 KNX Project

Software PG5 2.1.200 KNX Project

KNX Example Project

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ETS4 Pro Project

Software ETS4 Pro Project

KNX Example Project

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Good to know

The FBoxes for EIB/KNX are automatically installed with PG5 2.0 but need to be licensed.
As EIB is a slow bus (9600 Bit/s), about 200 to 300 points per connected gateway/EIB line can be handled by a PCD.
A full RS-232 or an Ethernet port is used for the link to the converter.
There is only one configuration tool (ETS) available to configure the EIB network; this tool is provided by KNX Association®.

Communication / EIB

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