PG5 2.1 communication program examples

Level: easy

Ether-S-Bus and Smart Ethernet RIO examples

Example for Ether-S-Bus communication | Level: easy

Software Example for Ether-S-Bus communication | Level: easy

including basic IP explications. File contains several projects, please unzip the file before importing into PG5.

PG5 version 2.0.150

DE3 Archive .zip 3.15 MB Download
EN3 Archive .zip 3.15 MB Download
FR3 Archive .zip 3.15 MB Download

Smart Ethernet RIO PCD3.T665 and PCD3.T666 | Level: easy

Software Smart Ethernet RIO PCD3.T665 and PCD3.T666 | Level: easy

PG5 version 2.1.310

PDF in English, German and French are stored on the PG5 project, under the manager device, documentation files.

EN4 .zip 3.48 MB Download
DE4 .zip 3.48 MB Download
FR4 .zip 3.48 MB Download

Level: medium

BACnet project example

BACnet Basic Objects

Software BACnet Basic Objects

PG5 2.1.100

Use of BACnet Basic Objects

EN 1 Archive .zip 0.86 MB Download
DE 1 Archive .zip 1.01 MB Download

BACnet MS/TP example

Example for BACnet MS/TP communication | Level: medium

Software Example for BACnet MS/TP communication | Level: medium

PG5 Version 2.1.100

EN1 Archive .zip 0.56 MB Download

Level: hard


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  • Why is the "S-Bus Master IP" FBox LED red after some time? (FAQ #101286)
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  • Problem with LON communication and "Alias" support (PCD7.F800 / F802) (FAQ #100531)
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  • Is a driver for SBC S-Bus available? (FAQ #100179)
  • Overview about the communication possibilities of the Saia PCD® (FAQ #100139)

The requested software / document is no longer marketed by Saia-Burgess Controls AG and without technical support. It is an older software version which can be operated only on certain now no longer commercially available products.