Why it is not possible to ping a PCD7.D5xxxWTA010 from a remote device using the IP-Address of the panel?

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In some situations it is necessary to have access possibilities from external networks to the displays. By factory default, the integrated firewall in Windows CE is activated. With activated firewall, the device will not respond to all TCP-IP remote requests or protocols from another device in the network.

To ensure, that your panel can be reached from remote device in the network, you have to disable the integrated Firewall. Therefor you must follow the steps below:


1.       Go to “start menu\programs” and open the registry editor.

2.       Search for entry “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\Firewall”.

3.       On the right side you will see the entry “EnableIPv4”. Do a right click on it and write a “0”  (“zero” as DWORD) to the DWORD Value Data and click “OK”.

4.       Open the entry again and proof whether the new value was saved by the system. If not do the   operation of point three again.

5.       Go to menu “File” and click “save to flash

6.       Reboot the panel.



PCD7 / D5xxx (Windows CE)

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