Is it possible sending EMails with a PCD?

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Yes, there are PCDs that support the transmission of EMails over an SMTP server if they are equipped with Ethernet interface.

The PCD types that support this feature are:

- PCD1.M1x5, PCD2.M150, PCD2.M170 and the PCD4.M170 equipped with PCD7.F650 or PCD7.F655.

- PCD1.Mxxx0, PCD2.M5xx0, PCD3.Mxxx and PCD7.D4xxxT5F (with Ethernet option).


The PCDs mentioned does support a System Function (SF) for sending (but not receiving) EMails over the SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol). For sending the message, the SF is called and the subject, message content (text only) as well as the (multiple) recipients and the sender of the message are passed to the SF.
After that, the FW will handle the transmission by itself. If the server is not available, it is indicated in the diagnostics.

There are FBoxes available for sending the mails with or without password and with/without attachement.
It is also possible to use this functionality in IL.


Actually it's not possible to send EMails over SSL.
Therefore it's necessary to connect to a SMTP Server which does not require a SSL connection.

Only the PCD3.Mxxx, PCD1.Mxxx0 and the PCD2.M5xx0 support an authentification method (AUTH LOGIN and AUTH PLAIN) with unencrypted transmission of the password, but without SSL transmission.
Therefore with the other PCD, the SMTP server must allow sending EMails without requiring an authentification.
Since most mail providers found on the internet do absolutely require an authentification, it is possible to use their service for sending EMails only with the PCD3.Mxxx, PCD1.Mxxx0, PCD2.M5xxx or with a PCD7.D4xxxT5F.

PCD firmware versions

The following PCD firmware (FW) versions are the minimal versions that EMail functionality. However, it is strongly recommended using the latest official firmware version of the relevant systems.

PCD type
minimal FW version
020 ($16)

Systems not listed in the table above do not support EMailing.

IP module firmware version
The minimal firmware version of the PCD7.F655 for EMailing is 044.
Older versions do not support EMailing on the PCD7.F655.
For the PCD7.F650 the version $14 (the official version 010 does support the functionality but a small bug has been corrected for version $14) should be used when EMailing is needed.



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