What is C-Bus and is it possible to use C-Bus on the SBC PLCs?

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There are several bus protocols that are called "C-Bus". Depending on the system, another philosophy to connect it to a Saia PCD® is to be choosen.


Communication with C-Bus
Please check whether the C-Bus you need to connect is one of the below listed:

  • C-Bus from Honeywell
    The SBC PLC's don't offer an interface for C-Bus. To communicate with C-Bus a "MEKS Universal Gateway" can be used. This gateway translates the C-Bus protocol to SBC S-Bus. Please contact MEKS (see link below) for further information.
  • C-Bus Cerberus/Siemens
    C-Bus is the internal bus for CS11 alarming systems.  gateway CK11 with DMS7000 protocol offers an RS232 connection and driver with a particular configuration tool is available from Engiby (see link below).
  • C-Bus from Clipsal Integrated Systems Pty. Ltd.
    C-Bus is a bus for Lightning Control, A driver with FBoxes exists at Engiby (see link below).



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