Repeater PCD7.T100

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For a good communication result the repeater must be configurated




 A repeater is used for decoupling RS 485 network.


The PCD7 T 100 reprocess signals and the electrical isolation of individual selection of the line.

The following settings are important for a good communication result:

Baudrate: (max 500 KBit ) DIL Switch SW1

Switchtime                           DIL Switch SW2

Termination for both networks (SW3 ex. side / SW4 trunkside)

Connection of non SBC devices:
Normally, the following symbols are used:

SBC                 Non SBC devices
D →                         D-
/D →                        D+
Rx →                        -Rx
/Rx →                      +Rx
Tx →                         -Tx
/Tx →                       +Tx


for more details see also: Manual 26_740_E4 RS 485 - Inst. Komp





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