Register corruption on a PCD1.M1x5 due to bug in firmware booter

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The booter versions up to version 0A2 can cause a register corruption after an power up of a PCD1.M1x5. The result of this problem can lead to wrong register contents after a short interruption of the power supply.


If a booter version smaller 0A3 is used on the PCD1 it is possible that the register contents are corrupted after a short interruption of the power supply of the PCD1.M125 or PCD1.M135.
The booter version can be identfied by reading byte 800010 on the PCD1.M1x5. To do so, open the "Online Debugger" (PG5 Menu "Tools"-->"Online Debug") and type:
D Y 800010 <Enter> (for "Display memory Map")
After having done this, the booter version is indicated at the right side of the output line in the Online Debugger.


This problem is caused by a bug in the booter versions up to version 0A2

Update your booter to version 0A3 or newer. The easyest way to do so is using the Firmware- and Booter update tool that can be found in the PCD1.Mxxx section on the support page. This tool will establish a connection to the connected PCD in PGU mode and will download the new Booter and the Firmware.



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